Mohawk Shared Services

Message from our President & CEO

Tony DiEmanuele President and CEO MSSI PhotoThe Health Care Community continues to operate in challenging times as patient needs continue to escalate and budgeting pressures continue to mount.  Mohawk Shared Services (MSS) is now entering its third year of operation having built significant scope in all 4 business streams: Linens, Supply Chain, Diagnostic Imaging Repository and Employee Assistance Programs.  Our strategy focuses on redirecting benefits to patient care in the form of superior and expanding services; financial savings; effective business systems and caring employees.

The value of MSS membership is derived from the engaged relationship created whereby our results and benefits flow directly to our hospitals. Focusing on areas such as product standardization; market price competitiveness; centrally driven best practices and customer intimacy provides a significant customer value proposition.  MSS, together with its hospitals, have collaboratively created strong core competencies to be leveraged:

  • Central distribution facilities
  • Contract Management & Procurement adopting BPS Procurement Directive
  • Project Management
  •  Proper governance structure suited for a vested organization

Our Supply Chain warehouse has now transitioned 26 locations to a Just-in-Time cart managed process standardizing products by eliminating over 2600 skus in the system; reducing inventory levels and improving turns across the system. Our Linens division has reduced system costs by 7%. Our Diagnostic Imaging Repository now enables over 13 organizations and their 24 locations to one repository to access health records. And our EAP business has added another 2 hospitals.

Working together with our Board of Directors, MSS has now set long term objectives that focus on exceling as a Shared Service Organization; creating a sustainable long term organization; becoming the Brand of choice for our stakeholders; implementing a high standard of quality in services and fostering the appropriate governance model to grow our organization.  As a Shared Service Organization, we have been able to attain scope whereby we can set and track metrics on these goals to be able to identify and even quantify the impact generated by working together.

We are very fortunate to operate within a community of hospitals that not only work together; but strive to provide service and outcomes second to none. This passion and willingness to collaborative is one of the many Brand Attributes reflective of MSS and bodes well for future opportunities to expand our potential.

MSS remains "Open for Business" for tomorrows opportunities by meeting and surpassing today's objectives.

Tony DiEmanuele

President & CEO

Mohawk Shared Services